What Clients Say About Tina Lloyd

“Tina’s tai chi classes are a pleasure to take part in. She has the rare combination of expertise, ability to pass on her skills and an engaging style of doing so. She creates a gentle and supportive environment in which we learn to do things that we never thought we could. Class by class we learn a little more and consolidate what we’ve  already learned, both in terms of moves and philosophy. Once we’ve got the main structure of a sequence she works on improving our technique and transitions. Layer by layer, step by step Tina enables us to build up our ability. It’s a very relaxed hour yet at the end of it I feel I’ve done some physical activity. It’s a very sunny hour whatever the weather is doing outside.

--A, Whitham, Student

Joining this Tai Chi class has given me an opportunity to do some exercise in a gentle way. Osteo-arthritis has made me reluctant to walk and this class has encouraged me to get up and do something physical without any strain. I have noted some small changes in my knee strength recently.

Tina Lloyd, our teacher, uses her sunny disposition to bring out the best in us and gradually lead us to smoother and more graceful movements. She manages to teach us and inspire us without making a single negative comment. She creates a warm and enjoyable hour on Friday at the community Centre and I'm glad a friend of mine introduced me to it.


-Gill Stuffins, Tai Chi Student

"I began the exercise and Tai Chi classes as I have osteoporosis and also arthritis which affects my knees. I hoped to improve my general fitness, balance and co- ordination. The classes have exceeded my expectations. I am fitter and more flexible, with greater mobility in my knees and shoulders. Although the exercises are not particularly strenuous they are sufficiently challenging to improve flexibility, strength and co-ordination. Personally, I find that Tai Chi gives me tangible physical benefits but also the opportunity to improve memory and concentration when absorbing the sequences of movements which make up the Tai Chi forms.

Tina is a warm and supportive tutor, mindful of the varying physical capabilities of her students. She promotes a friendly, co-operative working environment where groups work together in a relaxed and informal way. Activities are designed to allow participants to work at a pace which suits them individually. In exercise classes the opportunity to dance to some music we all know is great fun and music is also used to enhance the atmosphere in Tai Chi. It's good for us and we have a good time!"


-Marion-Reeves Winspur, Gentle Exercise and Tai Chi Student

What organisations say about Tina Lloyd

"Tina has been bringing her magic to Sunrise in Tettenhall for years now. The classes are perfect for all levels of fitness and Tina makes special provision for those less able so every one can join in and benefit.Tina's personality and patience are perfect, she motivates everyone, even when they are not having the best of days she lightens their mood and their day. The benefits of her exercise classes are vast, it helps physically and for their well being. The feedback we get from residents and guests is all positive and they wish she could come more than once a week."
We would recommend Tina and Fit4Lifeover50 to any one considering booking without hesitation"

-Carrie Jahn, Director of Community Relations SUNRISE OF TETTENHALL

"Tina Lloyd has been delivering Gentle Exercise as an Extend tutor to clients of Age UK Dudley since 2006. Extend exercises are specifically designed for older people and those with some disabilities. They mobilise all the joints and muscles of the body with exercise routines for specific joints and muscle groups such as hands and wrists or hips, knees and feet as well as whole body routines and utilise stretches so that muscles are 'warmed up'. The benefits of these exercise sessions is that they ensure the participants improve and maintain their mobility and, as they are set to music, the rhythm helps to set the pace and make it an enjoyable experience. As the participants exercise within a group it becomes a very sociable event with much chat and laughter.

Tina has a very bubbly personality and a gentle nature. She is adept in delivering exercise sessions to frail and active clients with charm, praise and motivation, taking into account the client's medical conditions. At Age UK Dudley she has delivered a Wednesday Gentle Exercise session for a number of years and has a substantial following of clients who have attended this session with her since it started."

--Maggie Thompson , AgeUK Dudley LEAP Project Co-ordinator


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