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We provide a DANCE4LIFE  programme of exercize lessons for Nursery schools and children aged one to five. Nursery schools in the Midlands work with us to provide a superior dance and yoga sessions for young children. 

In addition, Dance4life provides zumba and hip-hop sessions by professional dancers who are fully trained in their field.

DANCE4LIFE draws upon different influences for the lessons, such as zumba, yoga, street, and hip hop. However the prime focus is on keeping the children engaged, benefitting, and enjoying themselves. Fun props are also used to promote engagement from all abilities.

It’s very much a service that appeals to boys and girls alike. Dance4life improves fitness, body awareness, coordination and confidence in small children at an age when mastering their bodies is of particular importance: physically, neurologically, and socially.

DANCE4LIFE instructors are all trained in Dance and movement, and are extensively experienced with small children. All instructors are formally qualified, insured, CRB checked, and receive in-house training from us to ensure they meet the high standards of teaching.

Furthermore, DANCE4LIFE is very much a creative development activity not just a physical development activity (both of these are key tickboxes for national curriculum requirements at Nursery Schools). Our lesson plans are flexibly designed so that many of the ideas for where to take the class come from the children themselves; the trainers encourage it. This promotes creativity and also helps keep the children remain fully engaged for the duration of the class.

Starting young is the best way to instil the fun, the rhythm and most importantly the self confidence that dance can bring. This is a great way for them to get into music, rhythm and fitness – and to enjoy it in a way that is simple and fun.

If you run a nursery school and are interested in finding out more about DANCE4LIFE, please get in touch!

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