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This popular exercise program has amazing benefits to all abilities. Tai chi is a low-impact, gentle, graceful exercise known as 'moving meditation', which combines deep breathing and relaxation with slow, gentle movements. Originally developed as a martial art in 13th century China, millions of people practice it daily as a health promoting exercise.



Clients take part in a gentle warm up and then learn a short tai chi form, followed my meditation and relaxation. Classes are usually from 1hr to 1hr and a half and can be participated adapted to people with disabilities.



  • improved balance, gait and strength- falls prevention (+increased lower leg stregth)
  • improved focus,concentration,memory-enhanced sleep
  • reduced blood pressure/heart rate
  • Improved mobility-Tai Chi is recommended for those that suffer with osteoporosis,arthritis and ms (increased ankle, hip and knee strength)
  • Reduced pain and stifness
  • Improved quality of life and well-being!-Tai chi is highly recommended for people experiencing stress, low moods or depression as you will leave with a greater sense of calmness



  • There are many ways that tai chi helps people with osteoporosis. An excellent study showed tai chi slowed down the loss of bone density approximately three fold. When people with osteoporosis fall they are more likely to sustain a fracture. Many studies have shown that tai chi reduces falls.

  • People with osteoporosis often have arthritis and loss of function due to age and weakness. Tai chi relieves pain from arthritis, improves balance and the ability to do daily activities.
Tai chi helps people feel more relaxed and improves mental strength so they can cope better with their conditions.

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