There are many ways to exercise but our MOVEMENT & MOTIVATION class offers an extra special workshop which focuses on the body and mind. It is popular in older peoples settings such as care homes and housing associations where clients suffer with disability, dementia and other physical and mental health conditions such as arthritis, stroke




A Movement & Motivation class differs from an exercise class as it is a 'specially structured program that incorporates mental and physical activities into ' the beliefs and values  related to their past roles, interests and routines'.

The session will last for about an hour and consist of chair-based exercise, mental stimulation/ reminiscence, motivation games and relaxation and music therapy.

The class provides the following benefits to clients:

  • Stimulation of long & short term memory improving memory recall
  • Improvement with joint flexibility & muscle strength
  • Working with eye and hand co-ordination and orientation skills
  • Interaction and engagement with a group
  • Cognitive Therapy
  • Fun and laughter entertainment value
  • Contact with an outside team




  • A new report by the Alzheimers Society has found that 80 percent of people living in care homes have Dementia or memory related issues and so our MOVEMENT & MOTIVATION class promoted POSTIVIE MENTAL HEALTH.
  • Among the health risks facing older people, falls are a significant factor in causing distress, injury and also mortality. Writing in his publication on the prevention and management of falls in older people, Rein Tideiksaar states that ‘falls represent a major cause of death and disability in older people and pose a serious threat to their health and well-being’ (Rein, 2002). Falls, and fear of falling can be a source of great anxiety to older people, and injuries sustained from falls can be a large cause of death among the elderly population in the UK (National Institute for Clinical Excellence, 2004). Studies have demonstrated that physical activity and strength training can prevent or reduce the incidence of falls among the elderly (Gillespie et al., 2004).


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