FIT4LIFEOVER50 aims to improve the health and well being of older and disabled people so that they can be more independent, live longer and be enthusiastic about their quality of life!

We offer and range of health and well being packages that can be tailored to the needs of your clients and settings and we bring the classes to you.

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Our FIT4LIFE Trainers are experts in their field and offer structured healthy lifestyle courses that:

  • Improve clients physical and mental health
  • Boost well being, positivity and zest for life
  • Improve posture, balance and gait-supporting the need for falls prevention strategies
  • Promote cognitive development (supporting DEMENTIA as well as mental health conditions)
  • Encourage clients to learn new skills and make friends combatting Depression and lonliness

Our FIT4LIFE Trainers specialize in the following subjects. If you are interested in anything else then please ask!


There are many ways to exercise but our MOVEMENT & MOTIVATION class offers an extra special workshop which focuses on the body and mind. It is popular in older peoples settings such as care homes and housing associations where clients suffer with disability, dementia and other physical and mental health conditions such as arthritis, stroke




2. TAI CHI is another popular session amongst care settings. Tai chi is an enjoyable, graceful exercise known as 'moving meditation'.

 Health benefits include: FALLS PREVENTION, improved balance/ focus/ concentration/ memory/flexibility/ stamina/ co-ordination and reduced blood pressure/heart rate. Tai Chi is recommended for those that suffer with Dementia, arthritis and depression. Clients can partcipate in the class seated or standing.




3. STRICTLY DANCING is a fabulous program that can be tailored to your settings needs. Clients participate in an exercise session which incorporates dances from all around the world such as:






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